5 Comfortable Pieces You Should Own.

The older I get, the busier life becomes and I find myself valuing comfortable clothing and footwear more and more. Today I will be sharing 5 of my go-to comfort items at the moment.  

1. The classic tee. I own every neutral tee possible and boy do they serve me well. I pair them with denim, joggers and sweats for the ultimate relaxed look.  

2. Comfortable denim. I can't stress enough how important a good pair of comfortable denim is. Stretchy denim, leggings, and jeans are all on heavy rotation when I want to feel comfortable, yet put together. 

3. Sweats. I love a good comfy sweats to throw on to quickly go to the store. I prefer sweats with a nice grip at the bottom, towards the ankles.

4.Slouchy cardigan or jacket. They're so easy to throw on over a simple jeans and tee combo and they give your outfit a little something extra while keeping you warm!

5. FLIP FLOPS. I don't know about you all but I love to have my feet out, sucks for me in the winter because I wish I could just slide some flip flops on and just go.

These 5 items could possibility be for men and women. Simplicity is key.

Thanks for reading this short segment.

God Bless and lets leanintolounge.

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