How to Be More Productive: 7 tips for Work and Life.

I think that productivity is a conscious decision. In fact, it’s a series of conscious, purposeful decisions that you make for your own good. “Boosting” productivity isn’t a one-time event, it’s a long-term commitment in all areas of life.

I’d like to share with you some of the productivity tips I’ve picked up while transitioning into adulthood. Now I'm still a newbie, but I think I do a pretty good job with my work load at times. Taking it day by day.

Hopefully this will get you to skip over the superficial guilt you sometimes feel for “not being productive.” Instead, I want you to unlock your personal style of productivity. Everyone is different. Alright, so lets get started .. 7 ways to be more productive.

1. Start with YOU

When you feel you’re being “unproductive,” it’s likely out of comparison—we’re naturally inclined to think the grass is greener on the other side.

While making comparisons is completely normal, the outcome of comparing your productivity to someone else’s is apples and oranges. If you copy someone else’s productivity routine, you’ll end up chasing the idea of productivity rather than your actual goals.

Remember that another person’s productivity has nothing to do with you.Your productivity, however, starts and ends with you. It’s both liberating and terrifying!

2. Grab other productivity tips from people you admire.

While it’s a bad idea to chase after someone else’s dreams, it’s a good idea to follow someone whose dreams you share. As we get older who we follow is important because that's our day to day intake. It matters.

Who do you find inspiring as a person? Warren Buffet? Your dad? Oprah? Check out their productivity habits and look out for other ideas while you’re browsing the media. The right tips will find you and will be fun to implement.

This is off topic but the people I admire are my mom, Grace Byers, Yara Shahidi, and Tia and Tamera Mowry :)

3. Have a to do list.

You probably have a to-do list somewhere (or several) that’s giving you anxiety. Get it out and take a long, hard look at the items that have been lingering. Your to do list should consist of things you recognize as important, and also scary or overwhelming.

Save your to-do lists only for what you really need or want to do. 

keep a planner with you always.. that's my motto.

4. Prioritize task as they come.

Managing your workload isn’t just about keeping a list. A big part of staying productive is reacting to incoming tasks and ideas.It’s important to keep all your notes in a single space that you can easily access and review. Purchase a planner and just plan on Sundays. It doesn't work for everyone .... baby steps.

If task prioritization is new for you, be patient with yourself. Changing habits is hard and takes a bit of time, but it’s worth the effort.

5. Work with a sense of purpose.

I believe the key to productivity lies in purpose.Once you’ve defined the purpose of what you’re doing, productivity will follow. 

When defining this purpose, be brutally honest (you don’t have to tell anyone!). Are you working on something to improve your skills? Make money? Help out a friend? There’s no wrong answer.

6. Communicate.

You may have noticed that your productivity is also influenced by the habits of the people around you. Unsurprisingly, teamwork is a great asset for boosting productivity.Solving problems on your own is fantastic, but sometimes it’s one of the least productive things you can do. If you’re stuck for a long time, you’ll start going in circles and feel annoyed. That’s when you need to step away and ask someone to lend you a hand—you’ll save time and energy for yourself.

Not reacting to someone’s message is also a reaction (usually interpreted as “I don’t care”). Save time for both parties and acknowledge the situation by saying you need to think about it. It’s a perfectly valid response that keeps the ball rolling.

I communicate with my "team" lol really my professor, parents, or friends on their thoughts and ideas. Always be open to hear others out, take it into consideration.

7. Be OK with procrastination

Lastly, accept that you’re not a machine and there’ll be days when your brain is going to make you take a break. You’ll feel sluggish, uninspired, and blank.When it happens, don’t panic and use procrastination to your advantage. Go slow, and soak up some inspiration—catch up on your reading, listen to a podcast, or watch a movie.

Don’t try to snap out of your procrastinating mood, it’ll only make it worse. Embrace the void and remember that “this too shall pass,” an adage that goes for both procrastination and productivity. 

Cultivating productivity means building your entire personality. So, what kind of person are you going to be? A flaker who refuses to pull their weight, or a proactive doer?

Leaving unproductive habits unchecked only creates obstacles. Whenever you postpone something, choose to ignore something, or take up a forgotten project the very last minute, all you do is keep adding those hurdles.

Thanks for reading!

God Bless and continue to leanintolounge.

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