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How to Rock the DCP Application!

So what does DCP stand for you ask .... Disney College Program. If you know me you know this is something I've been wanting to do since sophomore year of college, I just didn't want to get off track with graduation. So the time is here, the applications for the Fall 2020 season opened at the beginning of this week,and I'm sure some of you are wondering how to get a leg up on the competition. So far I've passed the application and web based interview, my phone interview is next week and I'm super excited.

Thousands of students apply for this program, but only 10-25% (rough estimate, depending on the season and hiring needs) of those are accepted.

So with so many people applying, how can you make your application stand out from the rest? Today I have 3 tips to help your application stand out and increase your chances of being accepted.

1. Put high interest in the high need and high volume roles. 

On the application, it first asks you about your interest in high need roles, and then asks you to mark which other roles your interested in. The high need roles are the ones they REALLY NEED participants for. High volume roles aren't listed as such on the application, but some roles like merch, attractions, and character performer do hire a significant number of college program participants compared to other roles. On the other side of it, if you put high interest in all the hard to get roles like Boutique, Front Desk, bus greeter, bell services etc. it will really hurt your chances because between those four roles combined don't hire as many people as quick service by itself.

2. Job experience .. Don't be shy.

Whether you've worked lots of jobs or only have volunteer experience, you can use the work experience section to stand out and prove what a great participant you'll be. There are two things you should be focusing on featuring with your experience: guest service and related experience. 

For every job where you work with guests or customers, even parents if you're a nanny or teacher, list guest service! It's easy to think only of the tasks you do in your job, but think: do you help guests find things? Do you answer questions from guests? Do you talk to any people? Yes? List those! Disney is a guest service oriented company and they like to hire guest service oriented people!


It's rumored (and probably very likely) that they have a computer system that scans for keywords in your initial application. Give that system as much to scan from as possible! Include as much related job experience as possible, it'll let you add up to 5 jobs, include all 5 if you've had that many. Include all the languages that you know more than 100 words or can communicate ideas in (If you only know 10 words in French don't include that though). Think of ALL the responsibilities and skills related to your jobs, then go through and think of more! This also applies to putting interest in as many roles as possible, the more roles your interested, in the more options they have to consider you for, only mark them as no interest if you would decline the program if you were offered that position. 

Now! I haven't been accepted so this doesn't give me any right, but this is my opinion on how to pass at least the application and web based interview because it's rare to pass. Right now I'm focused on my phone interview, if it goes smooth and I eventually get accepted or denied of course I'll update you all.


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