So for those who read my last blog, I wrote in the beginning how it wouldn't be lengthy and guess what ... it was lengthy lol

In all seriousness, this time I'll try my hardest to keep it short and simple. For my brand "lounge." if you didn't know, it represents living, loving, leading, and learning. Today I wanted to lean a little towards the learning aspect.

I wanted to touch basis on my thoughts on Ahmaud Arbery's death that occurred February 23, 2020 that's just now touching the service in the media.

It breaks my heart to hear that Mr. Arbery, a 25-year-old black man, was chased by armed white residents of a South Georgia neighborhood and how they were arrested months later.

Mr. Kemp Tuesday wrote on Twitter that “Georgians deserve answers.” Ms. Abrams wrote that “our systems of law enforcement and justice must be held to the highest standards: full investigation, appropriate charges and an unbiased prosecution.”

It's upsetting me and my home-girl how we have to go through life knowing our kind, our color and our culture isn't acceptable to most. I have friends with black children, I have cousins who are black males, and it frightens me to know how something so simple could end their life. I remember when Atlanta hosted the Black Lives Matter movement, and there was a beautiful march involved. Now, my grandmother warned me that a march could lead to my own life being taken as well, but I honestly saw no wrong in doing it. Especially if I went and did it peacefully. She looked at it as a negative approach.


The movement is combined with dozens of groups. Its organizers have no official titles. Anyone can join, anyone can lead, and within a matter of days, it can mobilize thousands to march in the streets.

The movement has been criticized as being disorganized, disrespectful, or thugs. But in Atlanta, activists have spent the past two years building a broad and ambitious coalition that aims to move beyond protest towards political and social reform.


You see African Americans daily that go so hard for their people, and they have every right to do so. The next time you ask yourself why do certain individuals go so hard for our kind is because of situations JUST LIKE THIS. Our lives matter, yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

It's our job to become more aware of our surroundings. It's our job to be more vocal. It's our job to talk about it, be about it, and to become more knowledgeable about it, because our lives indeed matter.

.. and this is all coming from a black girl who just got accepted to work for a predominantly white company, in a predominantly white area. Yes, I am aware of it all, the do's and the do not's, the racism for some and whether or not opportunities for me will succeed. Luckily, I've been getting great advice for those who are of my ethnicity that work with the same company, so I won't stress it.

God wouldn't of placed me in that space if he didn't think it was for me..... right?

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