Journeying with a new Journal.

I'm not a person that enjoys journalism, but I realized that it's super important to joint down my thoughts every once and awhile.

There are many journaling benefits... here are some of them:

Writing in a journal is known to reduce stress level.Set your goals and track them in a journal by recording your progress and journey. For example, a weight loss journal.Record ideas on-the-go and revisit them later.

If you love to journal, you’ll love this guided journaling book. it’s filled with questions that will inspire you to write. flip to a new page each day & see what your journal has in store for you. it will help you figure out your goals, realize what you’re grateful for & decide who you want to be. take this journal with you to school, on a trip, or to the park so you can capture your thoughts at any moment!

Writing in a journal can be a bit dull. So this journal is about turning your journaling time into journeying time! In the journal you can follow the paths throughout the book just like a “choose your own adventure” novel, except the adventure is your own life. You can choose between 10 different journeys, begin on the designated page, complete the self-discovery prompt, and skip ahead to the next prompt until the journey is fulfilled. 

The journey ends with retrospectives that give you a chance to understand the big picture behind the journaling process. I am super excited to start this on Monday.

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