Kids.... They say and do the CRAZIEST things.

Most of which of course, are done intentionally to drive people and I'm sure moms around the world nuts. Some of it of course isn't intentional. I personally do not have any kids, but I work with kids 24/7 and I've found a lot of ways to keep a kid busy. Today I'm babysitting my little cousin who's about 6. She's extremely smart and talkative so she gets bored easy. So whenever I babysit I set a schedule in my head so when she ask, what are we about to do next?" I have an answer.

I remember being a kid and always wondering what's next.

If you want to cut down on screen time with caring for a kid or your kids in general it can be hard to think of fun things that will keep them distracted long enough.

There are options, though. Sure, they take a bit more energy than just plopping a child in front of a screen (which is totally okay if you do, mama!), but encouraging your child to do something constructive is always worth the extra effort.

Here are 5 ways to keep a kid busy:

1. Build a fort.

Give the child a few pillows and a blanket, and challenge them to turn the couch into a fort. No child will turn down the chance to make a secret base—and they'll be much more likely to play independently once they're inside. It's the cleaning up after part that gets me but.... they'll enjoy that as well.

2. Give them chores.

This isn't a popular option, but can be good for them. If you're going to clean the kitchen, have the kids clean their rooms. Not only will you get time to actually do your job, but your kids will learn that they have a role in keeping the house clean, too. This goes for any environment, school, home on a vacation.

3. Read a book.

Let the child pick out a book. Have them read out-loud or in silence. If the book happens to be under their reading level (because you let them pick it out, they'll try and get away with the easiest read) have them pick 3 of those books, it'll all equal up into one full worth while book.

4. Paint a picture

This is a creative way for the child to show off their skills, either a small paint set, coloring book, or chalk on a side walk will do the trick.

5. Encourage outdoor play.

Don't forget how your parents kept you busy. Just give the child a ball and a stick, and let them run wild. If you're worried about their safety, just keep them in sight. They'll be fine.

Keeping little ones occupied is tough, but trying new things will get them used to playing independently.

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